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In four years of its work SIF in BiH has established cooperation and partnership with 56 government institutions at all levels and other public institutions which actively supported and participated in implementation of 58 projects of NGOs and enterprises.List of SIF in BiH partners

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The report "Alternative responses to the EC questionnaire for BiH" handed over to Ambassador Wigemark


The "Alliance for European Integration" handed over the civil society's report "Alternative responses to the EC questionnaire for BiH" to Lars-Gunnar Wigemark, Head of the EU Delegation to BiH and EU Special Representative in BiH, at the press conference organized on Thursday, October 19th, 2017, at the EU Info Center within the building of the EU Delegation in BiH.

Ambassador Wigemark emphasized that it is a success that the civil sector has managed to collect a number of responses and that it shows that civil society in BiH is taking the EU integration process seriously. Vladimir Pandurevic, Program Manager at the EU Delegation to BiH, Igor Stojanovic, Director of Development at the Centers for Civic Initiatives, and Dusko Vucic, Director at the Agency for Cooperation, Education and Development, also participated in the press conference.

As a coordinator of the Working Group 6 of the"Alliance for EU integration" for the Chapter 19 "Social Policy and Employment", Ranka Ninković-Papić, Director at the Social Inclusion Foundation (SIF in BiH), on behalf of the SIF in BiH, attended a meeting with coordinators of 12 working groups and the abovementioned press conference organized by the "Alliance for EU integration".

The aim of forming of the "Alliance for EU Integration" is to position it as a long-term open and inclusive tool for non-governmental and business sectors with the capacity to legitimately and qualitatively contribute to the negotiation process (through analysis / consultations / public debates / proposals etc.) in order to get better public policies during the harmonization processes with the Acquis, and to be, as such, recognized by key actors in BiH.

Our beneficiaries

  • Slobodan Tešunović, Bijeljina

    It means a lot to me to get employed within this project, it means security and existence for our families. In this way we are making an income and ensure years of service. The new equipment procured during this project, such as trimmers and a truck means better quality of work and better working conditions. This will probably create opportunities that we stay to work after the project ends.

  • Bojana Glogovac, Trebinje

    This opportunity for employment for five months within the project supported by the Social Inclusion Foundation in BiH means a lot to me. I was involved in work occupation. This is the first time that I am employed and that I earn some money.

  • Srećko Lalić, Trebinje

    Prior to this project I did not have an opportunity to work. I graduated from the high school of economics. This is the first time that I work. I am grateful for the trust I have been given and the opportunity to work. It means a lot to me that I have had the opportunity to get employed through this project.

  • Almir Bakić, Tuzla

    The greenhouse means a lot to me because I have been unemployed for years. I have been a person with disability since 2007 and I cannot find a job. The donated greenhouse enabled my self-employment. After spinach I will plant onion and lettuce, which I am planning to sell. I am grateful to the Social Inclusion Foundation in BiH and the association "BOSPER" for enabling people like me to achieve something on their own.

  • Šefik Čajić, Tuzla

    I have been retired for 10 years. I suffer from bi-polar depression. Work at a greenhouse is a kind of occupational therapy for me. My wife and younger son are helping me. I will try to sell the spinach at the market. I was planning to plant tomato and paprika after spinach. Selling spinach and other vegetables will help to my family, because I receive a minimal pension.

  • Edin Korugić-Zahirović, Donji Vakuf

    There are 7 members in our household. I am a war invalid with 70% impairment and I am unemployed. The work in the greenhouse means a lot for the financial profit since I have three children who go to school, and incomes are very low. I hope that we will be able to sell vegetables and that there will be opportunities to employ more people.

  • Ćamila Hadžić, Donji Vakuf

    Work in the greenhouse means that I will have little better living conditions and that I would be able to earn some money for my children. Every income is welcome as we are many in the family, we are paying the rent, three children go to school and only my husband works. I hope there will be more opportunities for work.

  • Duška Ševa-Majdandžić, Banja Luka

    My business plan was procurement of a cow because I live in the country side. We already have one cow, but that was not suficient. Therefore I have aplied for the donation of one more cow, as it means a lot to my household for the financial income, and also because of our needs for milk, cheese and cream. By selling the products we are trying to make an income. Besides selling milk and milk products, you can also sell one calf per year and earn 1000.00 BAM.